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Razzmatazz Resurrected – Clubbing for the Older Generation

Razzmatazz returns to the Studio Bar in Penzance this Thursday with a mission – to offer a real alternative for the older clubber.
The monthly night, on every first Thursday, will be hosted by DJ KevinG. While building a reputation as an indie / alternative DJ, with a residency at B-Side in Truro, Kevin is keen to explain that the new Razzmatazz is not a purely Indie night:
“The original aim of Razzmatazz was to provide a night where the older clubber can go and have a drink and dance. Today’s forty-somethings are the original rave and indie kid generation, many of whom still enjoy a dance but do not want to be dancing next to someone who is young enough to be their child. That is what we are aiming to provide, with classic dance, party and indie tunes and a relaxed atmosphere.”
So book the babysitter, turn off the TV and get down to Razzmatazz.
Razzmatazz is this Thursday, 5th April, 9pm – 1am, at the Studio Bar, Bread Street, Penzance


…and the first Thursday of the month thereafter.

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