New Look, New Ventures….

The sharp-witted among you will have noticed a few changes round here!!Yes, the site has had a refresh (I’m still tidying it up a bit), complete with an all new logo. Design is courtesy of – many thanks to Mawgan for a fantastic job.

Well, what’s been going on since the last post?

The busy weekend I pre-viewed went off in style. Not only did I enjoy a terrific, somewhat dark in places, Utah Saints set, but I also had the pleasure of chatting to Jez and Tim before they took to the booth. Really nice blokes, and fascinating to talk to.

The following night I took to the same booth in Sound nightclub Penzance to make my debut appearance for a warm-up set. Surprisingly, the dancefloor filled rather quickly, my set was extended by half an hour and by the time I handed the beats over to Boris and DS, it was more hot than warm!! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience, my first in a large club and hopefully not my last (watch this space..!!)

On 7th June I finally made my debut on Brap.FM, a dance-focussed internet radio station. I had delayed the first show due to my broken hand (altogether – aarrrrrrrh) so it was good to get cracking. The show, christened the Melting Pot, goes out alternate Tuesdays 10pm-12midnight. Go to to listen live or visit the archives to hear past shows. Go and listen to some of the shows there – they really are excellent. The show is also available as a podcast from y=the iTunes Store.  Click here to go to the Brap FM podcast page. If you subscribe to the Melting Pot podcast, the show will automatically be downloaded straight to your iTunes so you need never miss one!

I know I’m going on a bit now, but just want to thank everyone who came to the third Razzmatazz last night. Cubs were terriffic, the tunes were really banging and once again the atmosphere was terrific.Theword is spreading and it gets better every time.  Next outing is Friday July 22nd with the cool Fire Island Pines.

July and August are getting pretty manic – check my gig-guide at the top of the page to see where I’ll be.

That’s all for now. Cheers.

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