All quiet – on the surface!!

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the gig front, but not in general – not by far!

Firstly I’ve settled in quickly to my monthly guest spot on Source FM in Falmouth. The great news is that the Source team have sorted their streaming problems so you will ALL be able to listen to my next show on Saturday 2nd April. I’ll post links here nearer the time.

Secondly, I’ve been busy getting to know some new tunes, and have produced some new mixes too. One ‘In the House…..’ is comprised entirely of new house tracks. ‘Morning Madness’ on the other hand is a mix of many old favourites, which I put together for a colleague on Penwith Radio.

Both mixes are now available at I have chosen to trial using this site for mixes from now on, rather than Soundcloud for a couple of reasons: It offers a better listening experience – a pop-out player and full tracklisting; Soundcloud is removing DJ mixes at will where there are copyright concerns (mixcloud counters this by evidently paying royalties); finally, there are no restrictions on time allocated on Mixcloud. Check it out.

I will continue to use for remixes and mash-ups…..

…which brings me onto ‘You’ve Got To Relax’. my first decent stab at a mashup!  Nearly 100 have listened so far, it’s been given a reluctant thumbs up by hero of bastard pop Soundhog, and a US mashup forum is to include it in a compilation of 80 s bootlegs coming up next month!

See what all the fuss is about here.

Well this is turning into an epic post, so I’ll save my most exciting news for another time – but indie fans in and around Penzance should keep an eye out for my next post!

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